NaturalMotion Games Creates the First Live Action Sports Game with Euphoria.

Backbreaker is the first title from NaturalMotion Games, a team dedicated to creating cutting edge entertainment and breaking new ground in game development. Featuring the Euphoria Engine, Backbreaker is the first truly live action sports game.

By harnessing the power of Euphoria, Backbreaker recreates what you see on the field, not just in football, but in any sport… a sense of drama and unpredictability. By cutting out motion captured animation for tackles and player interaction, Backbreaker gifts the user an endless stream of unique, exciting moments.

The development team behind the game were determined to break through the existing ceiling the sports genre was trapped under. Combined with an on the field presentation style that accentuated every punishing hit and every push for an extra inch, the Euphoria engine gives football fans and gamers in general a taste of the future of videogame sports.

Backbreaker is available now and once you see the future, you won’t be going back to the past.